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Our main purpose is the research, production and commercialization of natural nutritional supplements enhancing ancestral medicine and its wisdom. 

Our work is focused on enhancing people’s health and we are committed to the quality and safety of our products. 

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A completely natural nutritional supplement, without pharmaceutical chemicals, that improves immune system defenses.


I was feeling with a terrible headache, sneezing nonstop, and watery eyes as allergies. SUPAL 20 was offered to me and started taking it 3 times a day, by end of the day I stopped sneezing, no more headache and my eyes went back to normal. I totally recommend this product if you are looking into a natural way to fight your allergies boosting your immune responses.

Feras A.

Constantly, I was feeling way too fatigued and with no strength. I started taking this product every morning with my breakfast about 4 months ago, and now I feel that I have so much energy all day and haven’t got sick in a very long time. I totally feel that my body is stronger and that I am healthier than ever.

Monica O.

I had a very strong fever for 3 days and the only way fever went down was taking this product 3 times a day every 8 hours. I felt that I had no energy to even move or eat, but after following the instructions of this product I was able to recover very fast. At the fourth day fever was gone but I still felt fatigued and runny nose, so kept consuming this product. After two weeks I was fully recovered.

Michelle W.