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Supal World is where a symbiosis occurs between natural and traditional medicine, in conjunction with technology in order to give added value to our products in an efficient and 100% natural way. We support our research with proper studies and clinical trials. 

Supal World has all the sanitary permits and follows all required procedures established by the National Agency of Sanitary Control in Ecuador and the Food & Drug Administration in USA.


Elaborate and commercialize natural, safe, and efficient products, through quality processes, with high technology within national and international standards & requirements. Providing well-being and health support to the society. 


In the next five years, we will be a benchmark in the generation and will be commercializing all kinds of medical solutions, based on natural products, with a high level of quality & technological advance, plus providing proper research that will identify the potential of our products as sources of healing for the body and the spirit, complying with Good Manufacturing Practices, energizing the popular economy and providing the country with added value.