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We have an investigative process, developing, elaborating, and commercializing innovative products with strict quality control, following standards and procedures established by the National Agency of Sanitary Control in Ecuador and the Food & Drug Administration in USA.

In 1998 Dr. Nunez began his activity in the Ecuadorian jungle as an advisor to the Kapawi Project, within his activities he had to provide medical care to 6 communities that were along the Pastaza River, giving him the opportunity to know the type of medicine they used to heal, as western medicine is little known in that location.

Among all the medicines they use are the following: quinine as an anti-inflammatory; ayahuasca as a digestive and as medication that the shaman uses to heal wounds; and ushupundi for febrile symptoms. It is also known that people with cancer have been cured with this plant ushupundi.

The first way in which he used ushupundi, was as treatment for children with recurrent infectious diseases for a period of time of one year, presenting very good results. Another group studied is the one with urinary retention due to prostate hypertrophy or prostate cancer with excellent results. Since 1998 starts the time of research extending to the present, with added relevant studies from the National Polytechnic University of Ecuador.